пʼятниця, 22 липня 2016 р.

Tester's mental "try ... catch"

Once this blog post http://www.inspiredtester.com/inspired-tester-blog/process-metrics-and-the-impact-of-context (and maybe a little bit of Jerry Weinberg's ideas) inspired me to this thoughts.

People like their "status Quo". They don't like to act. Every their action is forced by change. The change may be in outside, in circumstances; and it may be in themself. Changing the way one acts too is a reaction to different changes one experiences.

Applying this to the Software Testing, an experienced user becomes a tester, when they react not directly to external changes, but to the internal feelings induced by external changes. Establishing some kind of "try - catch" block for distractions in their brain. Instead of (or additionally to) just shouting out loud that "This piece of software does not work!", the tester asks themself: "What causes my such a reaction?" and puts the answer to the Bug Report title.

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