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Test Design Strategy

Updated my Test Strategy Template with a new section.
Enjoy :-) Comments are welcome!

Test Design Strategy

Test Design activity is a process of identifying and formalizing Test Cases and Test Suites (in forms of Check Lists, mind maps, etc.) in regards to risk weights, i.e. the value customers might loose if the test is not conducted; or in other words, the risk of unawareness of the unwanted behavior of the system.
Each Test Case is explicitly related to a piece of Requirements, as well as to Test Suites it is run under.

All Test Suites have their own goals and are intended for particular testing phases:
  • Feature Testing
  • Area/System Integration Testing
  • Area/System Regression Testing
The following techniques are used in every occurrence of test designing:
  1. Specification based / Black box techniques: Equivalence classes, Boundary value analysis, Decision tables, State Transitions and Use case testing
  2. Experience based techniques: Session Based Exploratory testing
  3. Structure based / white box techniques (mostly related to Unit Tests, but may refer to other testing types): Statement coverage, Decision coverage, Condition coverage and Multi condition coverage

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